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meet likeminded women and their kids

welcome to your world, 
smart mama!

we are a community of women who want to have both:

fulfillment in private life and success in the professional world. 

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new: online group

good news! as of june 10, we are starting an online-group. it takes place on fridays, 10 am via microsoft teams. your smart mama group coach will be ann christin schneider. 

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join us: smart mama-to-be

we are very happy to welcome pregnant women in our groups from now on! connect with likeminded women, find friends and mentors, and build your smart mama network already before giving birth. 

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free spots: berlin

we have openings for our mother-child groups in berlin-mitte:

thursday | 10 am | deutsch

saturday | 11 am | english

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may 26 | thu | 10 am

no group

may 28 | sat | 11 am

no group

may 31 | tue | 1 pm

beach-mitte | jessica

jun 04 | sat | 11 am

friedrichstraße | jessica

jun 09 | thu | 10 am

beach-mitte | jessica

jun 10 | fri | 10 am

online | ann

jun 11 | sat | 11 am

friedrichstraße | jessica

jun 16 | thu | 10 am

beach-mitte | jessica

jun 17 | fri | 10 am

online | ann

jun 18 | sat | 11 am

friedrichstraße | jessica


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all of our groups circle around interesting topics of the week. these weekly themes allow for inspiring practical and intellectual discussions.

may 16-may 22 | happiness

may 30-jun 05 | conflicts

jun 06-jun 12 | friendships

jun 13-jun 19 | food

jun 20-jun 26 | partnership

jun 27-jul 03 | leisure activities

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intellectual exchange and mutual empowerment,

while our kids discover and play with each other.

smart mama | local

local groups are moderated networking groups - for you and your kids. we meet in a pleasant atmosphere, discuss relevant topics, exchange best practices, develop strategies and make plans while our children discover and play with each other.

current city: berlin

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coming up: munich, hamburg, cologne, zurich, vienna

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smart mama | online

online groups are moderated networking groups via zoom. thanks to the international setup, our digital groups offer cross-cultural inspiration and knowledge exchange. plus you can participate from wherever you are and have your kids around you or not - how you prefer. 

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about us


smart mama is a space for women who want to have both: fulfillment in their private life and success in their professional field. in our community we have managers, entrepreneurs, doctors, psychologists, artists and other wonderful women who invested time and effort in their educational and professional career.


we support each women in realizing her own personal and professional vision - with or without a partner, with one or with more children. 

our approach is based on theories of positive psychology and enhanced with practices of group coaching. both is enabled through trained coaches and a culture of tolerance, appreciation, and empowerment.



dr. jessica di bella

psychology & coaching

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advisory board

adaeze wolf

health & coaching

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how old are the kids in the groups?

our youngest participant was two weeks, the oldest child five years. theoretically, you can participate with children of all ages. practically, most children are between three months and three years. of course, we have toys for children of different age groups.

can i participate in the groups without my child?

yes! some of us do, as the kids are in daycare or with the partner. in the groups it is mainly about you: your goals, your happiness, your balance. so feel free to participate with or without your little one.

why do you focus on women?

becoming and being a mother is a wonderful, but also challenging venture. from a biological point of view, women have different issues pre and post childbirth than men. also in professional life, working women still encounter different challenges than men. we created a safe space for women to empower and support them in their various roles in life. 

you are a father and interested in a smart papa world? write us: 


do you focus on graduates only?

definitely not! but, we are all women who invested a considerable amount of time and effort in our educational and professional progress. many of us hold or strive for responsible positions in their respective professional field.

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